Top Ways to Make Money Online Free

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The internet has opened up immense opportunities for people to make money. However, in most cases, making money requires that you have a website. There are few existing opportunities which allow people¬†make money online free.¬†In such instances, you don’t have to necessarily own a website. Some of the top free online money making opportunities include the following.


The freelancing business is booming. People from all professions are making money providing freelance services. The best thing about freelancing is that you don’t need your own personal blog or website. There are tons of freelancing websites and job boards providing job listings for freelancing gigs. Some of these sites are free and, only get a cut of your earnings after you’ve completed a job. Other free websites such as LinkedIn allow freelancers to open free accounts which showcase their qualifications. This way, potential clients from all over the world can contact them for available work.

Guest blogging

Like freelancing, guest blogging doesn’t necessarily require that you have a personal website or blog. If you are a recognized authority in your field, landing guest blogging gigs is quite easy. It all involves sharing your expertise in a blog post. The post can be a paid gig or not. Regardless of this, the exposure provides opportunity for future paying gigs.

Social media marketingget paid fb

Social media marketing is yet another way of making money online for free. Most of the popular social sites have free to open accounts. Many of the social media marketers use these accounts to create leads and potential clients for their customers. In this case, the marketer isn’t paying to operate their online social media account. They are however getting paid by clients to generate leads. A good example is YouTube marketing where creators of video use links to direct viewers to websites selling specific products or services. The YouTube video owners then earn a commission on the leads and sales generated.