Healthy Foods to Consider For Your Next Snack

3 kind of fruitsThe hardest part of living a healthier lifestyle is often changing your diet. Our diet is something we’ve decided on in pieces since birth, and so habit is extremely hard to break. Diet bars are nice (sometimes), but something doesn’t have to say it’s healthy to be healthy. In fact, some of our favorite foods are extremely good for us. Fortunately, there are three healthy foods people usually forget that can make healthier snacking fun and painless.
Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is one of the bigger paradoxes that exist in the dietary world: almost everybody likes it, but few people eat enough of it. Having lots of fresh fruit handy is a great way to eat healthier, but fruit is often forgotten as an option: it can be thrown into a blender with ice. It can be frozen and used as a dessert. It can be chopped and made into a salad. The key to eating enough fruit is to see it not just as fruit itself, but as an ingredient in your next culinary adventure.

Milkeggs in a row

Many people drank milk as children because it’s a rich source of calcium: in many places, it is the staple “school lunch” drink. Many kids grew up with milk and cookies handy. As a result, many adults neglect drinking milk after they “grow up”. That’s a huge mistake! Milk has been shown to accelerate muscle mass regeneration and is a superfood capable of substiting for a meal if needed. Milk also reduces the risk of certain type of cancers. Having a glass of milk daily helps balance your weight and makes a filling snack. Just… skip the cookie.

Right next to unhealthy chips and soft drinks, you will usually find one of the most heart-healthy superfoods on earth: peanuts. These handy nuts are almost as high in antioxidants as fruits. They are one of the best vegetarian sources of protein available, and are convenient enough to carry in your pocket. 

Snacking Your Way To Better Health

Diet makes up a large part of living healthier, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Snacking on healthy foods that taste great makes a lifestyle switch that will help you live longer and feel better incredibly easy. Do you have one of these three snacks handy right now?