K-KIOSKS: For the Best Digital Kiosks

Digital Kiosks are changing the way we do business more so service-oriented business. At the helm of this industry is K-KIOSK. We are here to support those who really know the difference a sophisticated design can introduce to a space. Our products and services reflect the current trends in the tech’ industry and are built by the bet brains in this industry.

We have built an enviable reputation of creating the most attractive and refined KIOSK technologies including designing and manufacturing of cabinets as well as development of KIOSK programs. We value our clients and as such we have a one on one approach with our clients where we involve them through the entire process. This ensures client requirements are followed to the letter. Our team of creative and talented designers always pay close attention to every client detail and then they use the latest technology coupled with their imaginative minds to come up with an end product that fully meets client expectations.

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We have spread our wings far and wide. Therefore, wherever you are in the world, we will come to you. We have clients all over the world including in Brazil, Russia, Australia, Kenya, India, and Europe not forgetting the many projects we have done here in Japan. We installed the large scale KIOSKS system at the Osaka Station here in Japan.

Talk to us today and learn how we can help change your spaces. Trust us to supply the best quality products at competitive prices. We pride ourselves in making superior performance products using the newest technology. Click here to browse through some of our products and designs. Also, visit this page to see what other clients are saying about us.

Choosing K-KIOSKS is the best decision you will make towards transforming your spaces to the very best.

What are the Benefits of Covington Fence Company Installing Your Fence?

Fencing a home is one of the measures that are taken to improve security and beautify the appearance of any home. Covington Fence Company is an illustrious fencing company that has a long history and enough expertise for fencing that it has gained through serving Georgia area in Covington since 1996. The team of qualified staff have a reputation of responding to customer claims as soon as they are presented to them. The company specializes in residential, industrial and commercial fence installation services.
This company provides exceptional fencing services to industries and residential homes at reasonable prices. Customers are assured of quality and durable material that is used for the fence. The company is fully insured and licensed. Middlemen are also eradicated to provide customers with the service that meet their expectations.
There are a lot of benefits that come along when you decide to fence your home. This fencing company ensures you enjoy absolute privacy. Nowadays, homes are built closer to one another than in the past. The degree of privacy therefore decreases when closeness increases. However, to restore the old privacy back, you only need to call for a qualified company that will ensure fencing is done in the right way and privacy is reclaimed.
Security is important to every person regardless of where they reside. Fencing is one way that is used to improve security of any home. Covington Fence Company will ensure that security is assured for every home. When you decide to invest your money with the company, you can rest assured that there are many benefits that come by. If you need to provide the most secluded environment for your children while you at work then you need to consider fencing your home. Your pets can also enjoy a serene environment where they can jog around and be assured they are still confined within your compound. Security is also needed to keep off any intruders that are not allowed in your home. The company’s qualified staff ensures fencing is done thoroughly without any loopholes that can act as a breach to your security at any time.
It is widely known that the value of any property rises when fencing is done to cover it. This fencing company has a goal of increasing the property value for their clients. Due to the professional fencing that they do, the rate of increase of property value is compared to none. Many buyers are interested in acquiring homes with a nice fence so they can enjoy privacy and security once they move in. it is therefore advisable to maintain your fence and ensure your property his always highly valued.
It is without doubt that there are many reasons that one should consider fencing their home.

Establishing boundaries in your homestead is crucial to avoid interference with nuisance neighbors. Besides, fencing your home makes it look presentable and organized. However, benefits that come along with fencing your home are only enjoyed if the fencing is done by qualified people. If you need to get the best fencing experience for your home, just remember Covington Fence Company has the perfect solution for you.

Neo smart Pen N2, a viable option for making your notes digital

Neo Smart Pen N2 is the NeoLAB’s Smartpen solution. The N2 is a pen with inbuilt cameras that watch and remember or passes the data written to your mobile device. This pen requires special paper having tiny character pattern with the Ncode technology. The paper tells the companion app the exact page one is writing on. The N2 uses Bluetooth for connection to Android or the iOS. This smartpen makes the art very exciting.
The device has a hardware and specs.

-Connectivity, USB 2.0 (micro USB) or Bluetooth 4.0

-OS, Android Jelly 4.1.2 or iOS 7.1

-Memory, 90MB Nand flash.

-Display, Dot LED indicator with full colour.

-Battery : Li-Polymer / 3.7V (Full charge : 2 hours)

-Pen Tip Type, a standard D1 Type.
Features of the N2.

-The smart pen has an inbuilt app. Through that app, one can register and connect the N2 to your device. However, it requires an Android device. Charge the N2 before pairing.

-It features exclusive app known as the Neo Notes. The feature automatically syncs he data on paper to the iOS and Android smart devices. The digitalized notes then become easy to save, search, share and organised or even converted into a digital text.
-The N2 has a thick aluminium body that is specifically designed to provide just the exact grip as the conventional pen and also look sleek. It auto turn on immediately it touches the paper. Indeed, it can store up to 1,000 pages.

-It features an inbuilt camera for recording the writing in the time with the help of a proprietary paper. The paper contains miniscule markings that are used by the software to figure out the location on a page and the notebook. The info is stored in built-in flash storage and then relayed on your device via a Bluetooth 4.0

-It has a small solid LED light to indicate that the Smart pen is on. The same happens when writing starts on special books.


-User friendly
-Capture writings well.
-Stores notes.
-Good variation in file choices.

-Requires special paper.

The Smart Pen N2 works with the N Notebooks, printed with patented pattern, NcodeTM, to enable the pen to trace any handwriting. The device is compatible with iOS 7.1 and the Android 4.1.2. However, it is also compatible with iPhone 5, iPad Air 1, Galaxy S3.It is the best device for writing and storing data.