Why You Need a Website For Your Local Business?

If you are reading this then you are already far behind the rest of your competition.
But if you want some more reassurance about whether or not you need a website or not than you can continue reading. Or you can just go build one. Here is one of the best tutorials on How to Make a Website that I found on YouTube. (It’s free, none of that sign up to my email list bulls***)

There are 3 main reasons why you need a website:

The first reason is because everyone is searching for you. They are not going to look in the yellow pages trying to find what they want. If they want something, they just type it in Google. There are over 50,000 searches on Google Per Second. Googling something has become a habit and part of the 21st century culture and I have to say – there is probably not one day where I haven’t Googled something. And I assume the rest of the population is like me. (except you, of course.)
The second reason is because – You can direct your existing customers to your website if they want more information about your services. You don’t want to spend 1 hour explain something when your website has all that information there that they can check out in their own time. I’m sure your customers have asked for your website right? Well, that’s a good enough reason to build one already isn’t it?

The third reason is that, with a website – you reach more people. By that I mean, a website can be seen whether you are in Melbourne or in Egypt. If you have the internet and a computer you can view a website. Now, you might be thinking…Why the hell would I want someone from Egypt on my website when my local business only serves Melbourne.
Well, If you are able to reach all these people in the world. It also means a massive opportunity, because you are able to sell to these people. You are not limited to the population around your local area. Because, if you are limited by the number of people in the area you are not going to get rich fast. And don’t you want to get rich faster?
I just wanted to say that alot of people who don’t know any better build their sites using free website builders like WIX. You definitely don’t want that, because for the features that matter – you’ll have to pay and usually its way more expensive then getting your own hosting and domain name.
Don’t wait, You are already behind. Build your own beautiful website now!


How to Make Money Online

online money making
The World Wide Web has in the 21st century become a way of life for almost every individual. If one is not on a social media site, then they are probably marketing their business online or sending an email or better yet conducting a research for their next presentation; not forgetting the online stores or that twice-weekly blog. This is just one side of the coin. The other side of the coin which is the money making side of it shows one how to make online money by simply surfing the net. The necessary tools of trade are simply a computer, access to internet and time. 

make money onlineWhile most flashy ads on making money online are a scam, there are genuine ways to turn that idle time online into cash. One such way is the online survey. Here, one gets paid simply because they take time to fill in a form expressing their opinions. Another would be the online tutoring method. Bright minds are put to task as they are charged with the responsibility of helping students in various fields and disciplines excel in their studies. If those two don’t sound interesting enough, there’s the advertising option. Okay, not advertising as such but pitching products online for a commission which is up to 25% of the price of the products. 

The above mentioned ways on how to make money online are the innovative and creative ones. There are the obvious ones such as online blogging, SEO writing, proofreading, selling your handiwork online, transcribing and selling personal vintage and antique items in your possession. The list is endless and the best part about it is that one chooses what job they wish to do. Be it talent, lady luck or sharp brains, there are no restrictions in this job market; the overall result is what attracts the cash.

Glaring Tips on How to Become an Internet Marketer

how to become an internet marketer
If you have ever thought of how to become an internet marketer, there is no cause to worry as this article is going to offer you the best remedy to such a desire. It is paramount to acknowledge the fact that internet marketing is extensively used across the globe by numerous people. However, with an already existing business of choice, becoming the best internet marketer is an achievement which will not take you long. Nonetheless, becoming successful in this noble field requires that you become fluent in online marketing too. Therefore, to achieve this kind of dream, consider the following aspects:

Identify the business kind that you are gifted in

Numerous internet users are looking forward to operating their own internet businesses. However, this has never gone very well with them. Therefore, to become a successful internet marketing entrepreneur, it is advisable to identify a field that you like for the commercial potential. Ensure that you perfect on such a noble field.

Increase your internet online connectionsbest internet marketing

Finding a potential market is also an avenue for becoming the best internet marketer. This is beyond developing your actual business. Additionally, go ahead and widen your internet connections. This is easily done through the social media networks. What is required of you is just adding a person in your page as a friend and later get in touch through the sites in the social media like Instagram, twitter and Facebook among others.

Internet paying technologies

Ultimately, another one of the ways on how to become an internet marketer is through getting used to technologies for making online payments. Once you have identified your market besides existence of the business, it is then prudent to learn the way internet payment technologies operate. For instance, the commonly used online payment methods include PayPal as well as MoneyBrookers among others.

Top Ways to Make Money Online Free

cash flow
The internet has opened up immense opportunities for people to make money. However, in most cases, making money requires that you have a website. There are few existing opportunities which allow people make money online free. In such instances, you don’t have to necessarily own a website. Some of the top free online money making opportunities include the following.


The freelancing business is booming. People from all professions are making money providing freelance services. The best thing about freelancing is that you don’t need your own personal blog or website. There are tons of freelancing websites and job boards providing job listings for freelancing gigs. Some of these sites are free and, only get a cut of your earnings after you’ve completed a job. Other free websites such as LinkedIn allow freelancers to open free accounts which showcase their qualifications. This way, potential clients from all over the world can contact them for available work.

Guest blogging

Like freelancing, guest blogging doesn’t necessarily require that you have a personal website or blog. If you are a recognized authority in your field, landing guest blogging gigs is quite easy. It all involves sharing your expertise in a blog post. The post can be a paid gig or not. Regardless of this, the exposure provides opportunity for future paying gigs.

Social media marketingget paid fb

Social media marketing is yet another way of making money online for free. Most of the popular social sites have free to open accounts. Many of the social media marketers use these accounts to create leads and potential clients for their customers. In this case, the marketer isn’t paying to operate their online social media account. They are however getting paid by clients to generate leads. A good example is YouTube marketing where creators of video use links to direct viewers to websites selling specific products or services. The YouTube video owners then earn a commission on the leads and sales generated.

4 Ways to Make Money Online

ways to make money bookAre you looking for ways to make money online? If yes, there are a lot of opportunities available in the modern days. This has been enhanced by the rapid development of internet technology. With the right skills and knowledge you can make good money by working at the comfort of your home. Here are some of the ways you can make money.

Freelance writing

If you have writing skills, you can earn a lot of money by doing freelance writing. You can decide to write articles for different websites that pay writers or work for direct clients who will pay you more per article you write for them. In addition, there are other writing opportunities such as academic writing whereby you can write for students and academic writing sites. All you need is to be able to come up with plagiarism free papers and write in high level grammar to earn a lot.

Affiliate marketing

If you posses marketing skills you can work as an affiliate marketer whereby you market products for online companies and earn commission according to the sales made. To earn good money, you need to choose products that are on high demand to ensure you get high sales.

Website designingways to make money

Do you possess web designing skills and knowledge? With the increased use of website by individuals and businesses to promote their products and services online, you can take this opportunity and provide web design services for them. This one of the well paying jobs because it requires one to have technical skills to develop a high quality website.

Online surveys and product reviews

There are thousands of online companies that pay people for participating in online surveys. All you need to do is to search for the companies and carry out surveys or reviews products to get paid.

There are many ways to make money online, the good thing is to ensure you possess the knowledge or skills required to perform certain tasks in order to earn good money.