Social Anxiety Disorder and Its Treatments

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Most people have heard about anxiety, but only a small number are aware of different forms of anxiety. Social anxiety disorder is a popular form of disorders that is characterized by anti social behaviors or feeling of shyness. It is a chronic mental health condition that can cause the patient to fear situations or activities by believing that people around him or her are constantly monitoring or will judge them. Normally people may dread some situations but will avoid doing things that will make them feel humiliated; however, in this context the patient is fearful of everything. There is no known cause of this disorder but there are known factors and events that trigger it. It is believed that hormonal imbalance in the body is a major causative agent; serotonin is one of the chemical in the brain that determines the moods of an individual. There are several modes of treating the disorder one of them being active on social media such as Facebook or twitter.

In the social media platform, tsocial anxietyhe patient can determine how the world views him or her and gradually begin to gain confidence. Psychotherapy is one of the most recommended form of treatment in this context, the therapy is referred to as cognitive behavioral therapy coupled with other different forms of socialization such as social media. Identifying your weakness and accepting it is the first step in overcoming social anxiety disorder, here you can see the best of you and work on your weaknesses to avoid feeling humiliated in front of people. The feeling of shyness is often on your thoughts having control on the thoughts is a major step in treating the disorder. Another therapy that is recommended is exposure therapy; this involves the patient or sufferer regularly facing the situations that they dread most moving to less dreadful ones. This will help the victim to observe that the events are just normal and there is nothing to be scared of, moreover in scenarios where the case is severe anti-serotonin medication can be prescribed.

The Best Kidney Diet

 A healthy and well functional body is the most desired and sought for goal by many if not all people. Every day many people fall sick and end up spending a lot of cash on treatment and drugs. Being mindful with what you eat and drink can lead to a healthier life, for instance the kidneys play a major role and a proper kidney diet needs to be followed to help avoid dysfunctions in the kidney

kidnet diet recipeDrink a lot of fluids

Since the kidneys perform blood purification keeping them hydrated is the number one option. Always drink a lot of water and fruit juices to help reduce the urine concentration, water for that purpose will always keep the kidneys replenished and function properly. It is good to avoid a lot of alcohol and caffeine products

Eat iron rich foods

The kidney plays a role in the formation of red blood cells and at any time the body lacks enough iron content then the person can easily suffer from kidney chronic diseases. Dark Leafy green vegetables, red meat, egg yolk, chicken giblets and livers are the main sources of iron content and should never miss in any healthy diet plan. Eating a diet rich in iron content will always make the kidney function properly.

Low potassium foods are the best for kidneyskidnet diet

Regulation of potassium in the body is another important function of the kidney and avoiding rich and high contents of potassium is better than harm. High contents of potassium in the body exposes a person to the risk of suffering stroke or heart attacks. Eating low potassium content foods like apples, beans, pears, peas, corn, rice and nodules will always ensure that the kidneys can easily maintain the balance in the body

Fruits and vegetables

This is another way to keep the kidneys up and functioning all the time. Fruits like grapes, blueberries and vegetables like spinach, asparagus, beets, celery and onions and any other low potassium fruit and vegetables in any diet is highly recommended for a healthy kidney. This fruits are rich in nutrients and vitamins hence making them essential.

Bottom line

Attaining a healthy living is no rocket science that has algorithms to solve. Eating the above kidney diet will ensure that the kidneys function properly making them to perform optimally without failing. The above diet plan is simple and straight forward and can be followed. Also the best way is to seek the advice of a nutritionist on the amount to be consumed and better healthier diet tips of kidney diet.

Healthy Foods to Consider For Your Next Snack

3 kind of fruitsThe hardest part of living a healthier lifestyle is often changing your diet. Our diet is something we’ve decided on in pieces since birth, and so habit is extremely hard to break. Diet bars are nice (sometimes), but something doesn’t have to say it’s healthy to be healthy. In fact, some of our favorite foods are extremely good for us. Fortunately, there are three healthy foods people usually forget that can make healthier snacking fun and painless.
Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is one of the bigger paradoxes that exist in the dietary world: almost everybody likes it, but few people eat enough of it. Having lots of fresh fruit handy is a great way to eat healthier, but fruit is often forgotten as an option: it can be thrown into a blender with ice. It can be frozen and used as a dessert. It can be chopped and made into a salad. The key to eating enough fruit is to see it not just as fruit itself, but as an ingredient in your next culinary adventure.

Milkeggs in a row

Many people drank milk as children because it’s a rich source of calcium: in many places, it is the staple “school lunch” drink. Many kids grew up with milk and cookies handy. As a result, many adults neglect drinking milk after they “grow up”. That’s a huge mistake! Milk has been shown to accelerate muscle mass regeneration and is a superfood capable of substiting for a meal if needed. Milk also reduces the risk of certain type of cancers. Having a glass of milk daily helps balance your weight and makes a filling snack. Just… skip the cookie.

Right next to unhealthy chips and soft drinks, you will usually find one of the most heart-healthy superfoods on earth: peanuts. These handy nuts are almost as high in antioxidants as fruits. They are one of the best vegetarian sources of protein available, and are convenient enough to carry in your pocket. 

Snacking Your Way To Better Health

Diet makes up a large part of living healthier, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Snacking on healthy foods that taste great makes a lifestyle switch that will help you live longer and feel better incredibly easy. Do you have one of these three snacks handy right now?