How to create an eCommerce website in WordPress

eCommerce is huge. It has taken all the stress and huge investment out of starting a business. As long as you have a computer and access to the internet, you can run you’re own eCommerce website. In this article, we’re going to discuss the benefits of eCommerce, where eCommerce is heading and just how easy it is to create eCommerce website in WordPress.

Advantages of Traditional Retail

Firstly, the huge advantage eCommerce holds over traditional retail is that there are no geographical boundaries. People from anywhere in the world can access your store and purchase from you. With the implication of eCommerce (eCommerce on mobiles) your customers can buy from you at home, at work, at the gym, on holiday, when picking up the kids…the possibilities are endless!

The other massive advantage to an eCommerce store is how little it costs to run. Little to no overheads, advertising and marketing that are all done online (and can prove to be more efficient for it) and no real estate necessary! You can take your business anywhere you please, just pack up your laptop and head wherever you heart takes you…as long as theres internet connection!

Along with these benefits, it is much easier to source products, you can provide an abundance of information on those products and give around the clock access to your store. While you’re sleeping, sales can be rolling in!

The Future of eCommerce

eCommerce is expanding at an exponential rate, with sales set to triple during 2017, and with so many stores taking their spot in the marketplace, offering a great customer experience is vital in order to succeed. One of the disadvantages to eCommerce is the lack of physicality when purchasing, meaning the customer has no option to try-before-buy. The only ways around this are to hope the customer knows exactly what they want (which is unlikely, and won’t help your sales figures), or offer a brilliant customer experience, building trust, loyalty and rapport.

Some establishments have started offering gaming as a way of boosting their customer engagement. Companies such as Chipotle and Regency Furniture have both employed this tactic, and Forbes magazine argues that this will lead the way for eCommerce.

Starting Your Own eCommerce Store

Getting started with eCommerce is easier now than ever before. If you use a platform such as WordPress, there are a multitude of different plugins all designed specifically to give you a stress free experience. The start up costs are absolutely minuscule compared to that of building a physical business. Back then you’d have to pay for office space, a shop front, employees and possibly wholesale of stock. Now all you’ll need up front is a hosting plan, which is like renting a your own little piece of the internet, with your name on it.

From there you can use free WordPress themes to ensure your site is aesthetically pleasing, you may want to purchase one later on but there are plenty of great free ones when you’re just beginning. Then you can use the WooCommerce plugin to set up your store, and everything you’ll need is there, from displaying products to accepting payments. If you’d like more detail on How to create an eCommerce website in WordPress, check out this video:

SSI – The Best International School in Seoul

For the last few years, education has gained a lot of importance and became a crucial part of people’s lives. Due to its numerous benefits, the need for education has been largely accepted and appreciated worldwide. South Korea is no exception. Talking about South Korea, providing proper education to their kids is the top priority of the local residents. For that, they usually look for the best academy available. Furthermore, people prefer to send their kids abroad for higher education, but a constant fear of the unawareness of their child about the outer environment makes them stressed. Fortunately, the availability of the best International School in Seoul puts their search to an end as well as wipes up the stress signs from their forehead.
Seoul Scholars International, located in Seoul, South Korea, is the highest rated secondary school that provides education to students in grades 8th to 12th. This academy was basically founded and introduced in order to meet the requirements of students who need to go abroad for higher studies and hence, want a similar education environment beforehand. It also proved to be beneficial to returnees, who are accustomed to the educational culture different than the local one. The provision of high-quality education along with friendly and standardized environment makes this academy more popular. Here, students are taught by teachers who have gained expertise in their respective subjects. Further, there are a limited number of students kept in each class and it is ensured that every student is given full attention and encouragement in order to increase his/her morale and educational skills.

Extra-Curriculum Activities

The SSI does not emphasize only on providing bookish education to their students. In addition to studies, there are a lot of co-curriculum activities which the students are introduced to. These activities have a number of benefits. For one thing, they help in refreshing the minds of students and keep them active as well as innovative. Secondly, via these activities, it becomes easy to detect the field in which a particular kid is interested. If any kid shows a remarkable talent in a particular field, then his/her skills can be groomed up so that he/she will be able to make it as a career. Further, a number of celebration happenings throughout the year also increases the kids’ interest.

Overall, these activities help in making them all-rounder and increase their intelligence.

How to Enrol

Now, the question arises, how to enrol in this academy. The admission process includes a few simple steps. One just needs to fill out the application form and submit it. After that, students who have passed the application review process will be invited for the interview and are made to take the entrance exam, which mainly consists of math and English. Finally, those who have cleared the interview are notified personally and invited to join the academy. However, while applying for rolling admissions, one thing that needs to be taken care of is to fill the application form a semester before the commencement date.
Hence, by considering the above-mentioned benefits provided by the SSI, there is no doubt that it is the best International School in Seoul and parents can easily be ensured about their kids future by admitting them to this academy.

Tips on How to Find Grants for Women

goverment grants Since women have been marginalized for long, nearly every government has grants for women as part of the larger affirmative action geared toward women empowerment. There also many organizations and agencies that have women grants. There is money for businesses owned by women, education for women, and many more other ventures that women are engaged in. However, many women do not know how to find grants. As such, this article offers women tips on how to find grants.

To begin, the Internet is the first place to start when looking for grants. For women who are looking for grants to further their education, the American Association for University Women is a nice place to begin your search. This association gives funding to women looking for money to pay for their college education, conduct research, or wanting to shift careers. For those looking for business grants, the Business and Professional Women Foundation is a prospective source that offers funding to women who want to advance their careers or businesses. You are doubtless going to find numerous opportunities. Take your time and apply for grants that will give you the best support. This is because it may not be easy to apply for more grants after you have been given the first one. grants for small business

Again, there are numerous publications that advertise grant opportunities for women. Such publications also offer cross references that help quickly locate the kind of grants that can help you. Make sure that you constantly keep on checking such publications. The problem is that some people only check for some short time and give up if they take long without finding suitable grant opportunities. You should not lose heart.

Finally, going to the library and finding books on women grants is another tip to help you locate grants for women. However, you ought to ensure that you go for information that is as recent as possible. If you have problems finding such books on your own, you can enlist the help of the library assistants.