Main Benefits of Using Acupressure Mat

An acupressure mat is a special device made of foam rubber pad, covered in cotton sacking, embedded with tough plastic disks and coupled with protruding spikes.

This is a very essential device in acupressure therapy. This type of mat is beneficial in treatment of insomnia, sinus, migraine, piles, knee pain, heel pain, cramps, leg pain and sciatica.acupressure mat green

Main Benefits of Acupressure Therapy

(a) This therapy is effective in treatment of constipation, motion sickness, menstrual pain, dizziness and tooth aches.

(b) Serious illnesses-This therapy aids treatment of serious diseases by boosting the mental state of a patient. Acupressure therapy has been found to aid treatment of illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, depression, cancer and high blood pressure.

(b )Mental blockages-There are some cardinal points in the body that facilitates channeling of energy when the body suffers from mental blockages. This therapy has been preferred as an easy way to combat disorders that occasionally crops up in an individuals life. Relaxation combined with benefits of the energy released helps to combat these disorders. The common mental disorders treated using this therapy include; loss of energy, anxiety and lack of concentration.

(c) Physical realm-Acupressure is being used to heal pains and aches of the body. These disorders include; stomach pains, headaches, back aches, shoulder and neck pains. Acupressurist knows the areas of the body that correspond to each other. They therefore press these points to minimize various ailments.

(d) Natural treatment-Acupressure therapy is preferred by many individual who hate using chemicals and pills. This therapy is safe and has no known side effects. Other experts combine acupressure with traditional methods to boost the healing process.

(e) Control of frequent pain-This therapy is effective to individuals undergoing challenging events such as pregnancy or surgery. This therapy is applied both before and after surgery or pregnancy. It has been known to reduce both morning sickness and labor pains.acupressure mat

(f) Relaxation-This is the chief benefit of acupressure therapy. It is known as a simple way to unwind and release stress. Acupressure is more preferred than acupuncture. This is mainly because it is less invasive. This therapy simply involves massaging certain key areas of the body. It is very effective in treatment of muscle aches.

(g) Removing toxins-Toxins in the body can accumulate as a result of lack of mobility, pressures of work and family. This therapy boosts better energy that enables the body to flash out toxins. It is also effective in reducing anxiety in the body, stiffness and easing tension.

(h)Clearing blockages-This therapy aids realignment and unclogging of the body. Accupressurist targets regions where the body has a problem. This therapy therefore opens flow of energy throughout the body. This enhances the body healing process.

In conclusion, acupressure mat is designed to stimulate specific reflex points in the body. The cardinal role of acupressure therapy is to create physical and mental relaxation. It has also been proved as a very effective therapy in easing tense muscles and releasing blocked energy. It is also relatively cheap compared to other invasive therapies such as surgery.