Neo smart Pen N2, a viable option for making your notes digital

Neo Smart Pen N2 is the NeoLAB’s Smartpen solution. The N2 is a pen with inbuilt cameras that watch and remember or passes the data written to your mobile device. This pen requires special paper having tiny character pattern with the Ncode technology. The paper tells the companion app the exact page one is writing on. The N2 uses Bluetooth for connection to Android or the iOS. This smartpen makes the art very exciting.
The device has a hardware and specs.

-Connectivity, USB 2.0 (micro USB) or Bluetooth 4.0

-OS, Android Jelly 4.1.2 or iOS 7.1

-Memory, 90MB Nand flash.

-Display, Dot LED indicator with full colour.

-Battery : Li-Polymer / 3.7V (Full charge : 2 hours)

-Pen Tip Type, a standard D1 Type.
Features of the N2.

-The smart pen has an inbuilt app. Through that app, one can register and connect the N2 to your device. However, it requires an Android device. Charge the N2 before pairing.

-It features exclusive app known as the Neo Notes. The feature automatically syncs he data on paper to the iOS and Android smart devices. The digitalized notes then become easy to save, search, share and organised or even converted into a digital text.
-The N2 has a thick aluminium body that is specifically designed to provide just the exact grip as the conventional pen and also look sleek. It auto turn on immediately it touches the paper. Indeed, it can store up to 1,000 pages.

-It features an inbuilt camera for recording the writing in the time with the help of a proprietary paper. The paper contains miniscule markings that are used by the software to figure out the location on a page and the notebook. The info is stored in built-in flash storage and then relayed on your device via a Bluetooth 4.0

-It has a small solid LED light to indicate that the Smart pen is on. The same happens when writing starts on special books.


-User friendly
-Capture writings well.
-Stores notes.
-Good variation in file choices.

-Requires special paper.

The Smart Pen N2 works with the N Notebooks, printed with patented pattern, NcodeTM, to enable the pen to trace any handwriting. The device is compatible with iOS 7.1 and the Android 4.1.2. However, it is also compatible with iPhone 5, iPad Air 1, Galaxy S3.It is the best device for writing and storing data.