How to create an eCommerce website in WordPress

eCommerce is huge. It has taken all the stress and huge investment out of starting a business. As long as you have a computer and access to the internet, you can run you’re own eCommerce website. In this article, we’re going to discuss the benefits of eCommerce, where eCommerce is heading and just how easy it is to create eCommerce website in WordPress.

Advantages of Traditional Retail

Firstly, the huge advantage eCommerce holds over traditional retail is that there are no geographical boundaries. People from anywhere in the world can access your store and purchase from you. With the implication of eCommerce (eCommerce on mobiles) your customers can buy from you at home, at work, at the gym, on holiday, when picking up the kids…the possibilities are endless!

The other massive advantage to an eCommerce store is how little it costs to run. Little to no overheads, advertising and marketing that are all done online (and can prove to be more efficient for it) and no real estate necessary! You can take your business anywhere you please, just pack up your laptop and head wherever you heart takes you…as long as theres internet connection!

Along with these benefits, it is much easier to source products, you can provide an abundance of information on those products and give around the clock access to your store. While you’re sleeping, sales can be rolling in!

The Future of eCommerce

eCommerce is expanding at an exponential rate, with sales set to triple during 2017, and with so many stores taking their spot in the marketplace, offering a great customer experience is vital in order to succeed. One of the disadvantages to eCommerce is the lack of physicality when purchasing, meaning the customer has no option to try-before-buy. The only ways around this are to hope the customer knows exactly what they want (which is unlikely, and won’t help your sales figures), or offer a brilliant customer experience, building trust, loyalty and rapport.

Some establishments have started offering gaming as a way of boosting their customer engagement. Companies such as Chipotle and Regency Furniture have both employed this tactic, and Forbes magazine argues that this will lead the way for eCommerce.

Starting Your Own eCommerce Store

Getting started with eCommerce is easier now than ever before. If you use a platform such as WordPress, there are a multitude of different plugins all designed specifically to give you a stress free experience. The start up costs are absolutely minuscule compared to that of building a physical business. Back then you’d have to pay for office space, a shop front, employees and possibly wholesale of stock. Now all you’ll need up front is a hosting plan, which is like renting a your own little piece of the internet, with your name on it.

From there you can use free WordPress themes to ensure your site is aesthetically pleasing, you may want to purchase one later on but there are plenty of great free ones when you’re just beginning. Then you can use the WooCommerce plugin to set up your store, and everything you’ll need is there, from displaying products to accepting payments. If you’d like more detail on How to create an eCommerce website in WordPress, check out this video:

Why You Need a Website For Your Local Business?

If you are reading this then you are already far behind the rest of your competition.
But if you want some more reassurance about whether or not you need a website or not than you can continue reading. Or you can just go build one. Here is one of the best tutorials on How to Make a Website that I found on YouTube. (It’s free, none of that sign up to my email list bulls***)

There are 3 main reasons why you need a website:

The first reason is because everyone is searching for you. They are not going to look in the yellow pages trying to find what they want. If they want something, they just type it in Google. There are over 50,000 searches on Google Per Second. Googling something has become a habit and part of the 21st century culture and I have to say – there is probably not one day where I haven’t Googled something. And I assume the rest of the population is like me. (except you, of course.)
The second reason is because – You can direct your existing customers to your website if they want more information about your services. You don’t want to spend 1 hour explain something when your website has all that information there that they can check out in their own time. I’m sure your customers have asked for your website right? Well, that’s a good enough reason to build one already isn’t it?

The third reason is that, with a website – you reach more people. By that I mean, a website can be seen whether you are in Melbourne or in Egypt. If you have the internet and a computer you can view a website. Now, you might be thinking…Why the hell would I want someone from Egypt on my website when my local business only serves Melbourne.
Well, If you are able to reach all these people in the world. It also means a massive opportunity, because you are able to sell to these people. You are not limited to the population around your local area. Because, if you are limited by the number of people in the area you are not going to get rich fast. And don’t you want to get rich faster?
I just wanted to say that alot of people who don’t know any better build their sites using free website builders like WIX. You definitely don’t want that, because for the features that matter – you’ll have to pay and usually its way more expensive then getting your own hosting and domain name.
Don’t wait, You are already behind. Build your own beautiful website now!



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